Robert F Kennedy Jr’s letter to Sanjay Gupta. Who is actually guilty of “Vaccine Misinformation”?


As you have seen in my previous posts, there is an increased level of censorship occurring right now in social media as well as the mainstream television media for “vaccine misinformation”. Posts are being taken down and YouTube videos removed for the “evil” of presenting an opposing science based view which conflicts with the Big Pharma autocracy.


Robert F Kennedy Jr., one of my new heroes has just sent a letter to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta listing 10 offences “vaccine misinformation” by Sanjay and CNN. RFK is trying to appeal to Sanjay’s good nature and we’ll see if Sanjay’s conscience is pricked and comes clean.

Here is a link to the letter

Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears: My Letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Vaccine makers can’t be sued, are we getting screwed?

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Hello again.  I hope you have read my previous post on keeping an open mind when looking at vaccination.  You could say if we are putting vaccinations on trial, you should read my opening statement before reading this one.  I am going to build a case point by point, post by post that we need to rethink our approach to vaccination.  Am I an anti-vaxxer?  Not entirely, I believe there is some merit to the principle of artificially creating immunity, but in the paradigm we are in right now where safety, vaccine ingredients, lots of injury, low level of testing, false information, and Big Pharma’s huge conflict of interest in the highest levels of the FDA and the WHO make it very difficult to trust any vaccine.  And then there is the topic of this post, VACCINE MAKERS CANNOT BE SUED!!

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Did you know that? No matter what happens, no matter how severe, or even death.  Vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued in Canada or the US.  In Canada, the way the Canadian Law is written, judges cannot rule someone was at fault.  Vaccine Injury Class action lawsuits are not allowed in Canada or the US.  In Canada (not Quebec) you are double screwed if you or your child receives a vaccine injury because there is no vaccine injury compensation program (Quebec is the only province with one).  You might be saying, what is a vaccine injury compensation program?

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In the US, there is a program which compensates those who can prove they were injured by a vaccine, called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) run by the Federal Vaccine Court.  Most people don’t even know this program exists as its not advertised, for obvious reasons.  Its actually very hard to prove causation, so you need very strong evidence with all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted.  Even with these stringent requirements and with the program being barely known, it has payed out $4.3 billion in vaccine injury claims to 7211 plaintiffs.  Another 11,471 were denied claims.


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To top it off a report from the Department of Health and Human services has found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”  So if fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported and “only” $4.3 billion has been paid out so far.  If all vaccine injuries were reported then you could easily be multiplying that $4.3 billion by 100.  And this is only America!! So for those of you that say vaccines are safe, multiply that out and as Samuel L. Jackson said in the movie “Coach Carter”, “those are some stats for your ass”.  I’m sorry for the jab, but I love that line and I had to get it in there somewhere, and these unavoidably huge stats seem perfect.   Just having some fun.


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Where does the money come from if you can’t sue the vaccine maker?  Well, the fund collect a 75 cents tax on each vaccine given.  If its a trivalent (a triple vaccine like MMR or DTP) vaccine is given then a $2.25 tax is paid each time.

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If you are a Canadian like me, you’re probably saying, “so if my child receives a severe injury to a vaccine I am SOL?”  You got it.  I was very surprised when I found this out because we as Canadians take great pride in our health care system and the protections our country gives to our human rights.  I’m a proud Canadian, but this is an embarrassment in my opinion.  If the government pushes the use of vaccines, do they not have an obligation to help those that get injured due to this program?

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A CTV News report in 2011 described the legal situation in Canada regarding vaccine injuries:

“[Jennifer] Keelan says currently the only recourse for people who have been injured by a vaccine is to sue the vaccine’s maker or provider. But there has not been a single successful civil lawsuit for medical injury related to immunization in Canada, she says. ‘These are very difficult cases to prove in court,’ she says. … Not only do victims spend money trying to fight the cases, but so do the vaccine makers. ‘And so nobody wins. There’s money spent and the only people that win are the lawyers, really,’ she says.”

What countries offer a vaccine injury program?

Canada is the only country in the G7 that does not have a vaccine injury program.  CanVax gives a list of the countries that offer this program.

Table 1. Jurisdictions with VIC Programs (including the year of introduction)

Table 1. Jurisdictions with VIC Programs (including the year of introduction)Sources: Looker and Kelly, 2011; Attwell et al., 2019

This doesn’t look good for English speaking Canada.  The fact that vaccine makers can’t be sued is bad enough, and then you see that Canada is way behind in protecting its people when it comes to vaccine injury.  Some might argue that vaccine injury isn’t a pressing issue in Canada and that it simply hasn’t been needed.  Sorry, our government is well aware of the problem and has done nothing.  There is a website run by a Canadian, Bob Martin, that is pushing for this program.  Bob Martin, got a flu shot in 2009 which caused Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease which can lead to progressive paralysis and death.  The website reports,

“In 2011 a report written by Jennifer Keelan, assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s Dall Lane School of Public Health and Kumanan Wilson of the Ottawa Hospital Research Insititute at the University of Ottawa argue that because vaccination is a cornerstone of public health and strongly encouraged – even mandatory in some cases – there is an ethical obligation to compensate people in those instances when they suffer disability or death as a result. They argue that Canada should create a no-fault compensation plan.”
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I suspect the hesitancy in Canada to start a national vaccine injury compensation program is that this concedes that vaccines create injury.  Its actually amazing how hesitant our society is at simply admitting the truth that vaccines do create injury.   Adopting this program would develop stats which bring light to the extent of the problem, and this is not ideal considering the government is pushing vaccination.  I already showed you the stats in America.

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So let’s get back to the US Vaccine Compensation program.

How did it start? 

Back in the 1980’s there was real problem with the Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP) vaccine.  A huge number of vaccine injuries were resulting in a wave of lawsuits causing panic for Big Pharma vaccine makers.  With so many vaccine injuries taking place with potential litigation,  it was becoming an unsustainable business model.  Basically they were going to go out of business.  As a result, Big Pharma strong armed the US government with an ultimatum, saying they would stop making vaccines unless they acquired legal immunity from being sued.  In 1986, the Vaccine Act was formed and you could no longer sue Vaccine makers.

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A loophole was found in a case in 2011, where if you could prove that the vaccine could have been made safer, you still had a case.  As Barbara Loe Fisher, a long time activist for vaccine safety, has said in the documentary “The Truth about Vaccines” by Ty Bollinger

“Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth.  It was a DPT vaccine injury case…..The Supreme Court majority, with two dissents.  Justice Sotomayor and Ginsberg dissented.  The Supreme Court said “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and there shall be no more law suits against any vaccine company.

Click to access 09-152.pdf

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Wow, only 9 years ago.  So this a fairly recent occurrence.  Did you catch the statement by the US Supreme Court, “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”  What do we hear from the mainstream media almost on a daily basis.  Vaccines are SAFE!!  What do you hear from the CDC.  Vaccines are SAFE!!  What do we hear our directors of Health.  Vaccines are SAFE!! What do most doctors say to patients.  Vaccines are SAFE!!  If vaccines are safe, why did the US Supreme Court in one of the most important cases on vaccines and after copious amounts of data review, state that they are “unavoidably unsafe“.  Because they are UNSAFE!!  Harvard trained Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych Ph.D supports this by saying, “Vaccination at its core is neither a safe nor an effective method of disease prevention.”


I will look at the ingredients in vaccines in future blogs which will explain why they are unsafe.  There is also the question, do they work?  That will be another blog as well.   So why does everyone else say they are safe?

This is a heavy question and will take several other blogs to unpack, but without getting too deep into the details it goes right to the top.  Bill Gates who is now the top dog in the world of Vaccine Policy.  He is the largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO).  In 2010, the Bill and Melinda Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO because his goal is to vaccinate every single person in the world.


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Bill declared “the decade of vaccines”.  Robert F Kennedy Jr. just posted on Instagram that Bill and Melinda Gates have invested $21 million to perfect “microneedle technology” that embeds, under the skin, a vaccination record visible by infrared light that can be read by a “minimally-adopted smartphone technology.” The technology will allow health officials to scan US citizens to detect their vaccination compliance.

Holy Smoke, this doesn’t seem like an appropriate action to take in a free society.  Why would such a high level of vaccination compliance be needed? What is he planning on doing to those who are non-compliant? This is a scary concept and eerily familiar to stuff you would read in the book of Revelation.  Bill was able to push Windows as the dominant operating system on most every computer and that was before he was one of the richest people in the world.  Imagine what he can do now with that determination supported by buckets of money.

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This goes against the Nuremberg Code which states “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion

The Nuremberg Code was developed during the Nuremberg trials at the end of WW2 to protect humanity from the unethical medical practices of the Nazi regime.  Forced vaccination is simply an immoral, unethical, and an unacceptable practice.  It must be outlawed.

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The rest of Big Pharma (Merck, Pfizer, GSK, etc…) controls the medical schools and the media.  Never underestimate the power of the MEDIA. Robert F Kennedy Jr. said in the documentary, “The Truth about Vaccines”,

“This network president told me that if one of his talk shows allowed me on the air that he would fire the host.  This person is a friend of mine and “I would have to fire the host because this is where our advertisers are,” and if he lost an advertiser it’s a major catastrophe for the network.”

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He went on to say, “Our news division…gets up to 70% of ad revenues from pharma in non-election years.”

Is it any wonder why everything we hear from the mainstream media is, “Vaccines are safe”, “Vaccines are your best protection against viruses”, “Life will only get back to normal when we have a Vaccine for Covid-19”.

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Facebook and Google have ramped up their censorship on their social media platforms.  Its a regular thing now for posts, videos, and websites to be censored due to “vaccine misinformation”.  A lot of the doctors I view on YouTube and Facebook are regularly complaining how their posts are being taken down for non compliance.  Now, through experience they refer to Bill Gates on YouTube as Bill G as a precaution, so that they don’t get flagged and taken down.  A university friend of mine, Wooje Jo, has mysteriously disappeared from Facebook and I can’t find him.  He is an anesthetist doctor who wrote many posts on the dangers of vaccines.  I don’t know how to contact him, so Wooje if you read this blog, let me know what happened.

So are you getting the picture?

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We are supposed to live in a free society with freedom of speech and freedom to choose what enters our bodies and the bodies of our children.  This ramping up of measures for non compliance should be concerning to anyone on both sides of the aisle.  It’s not like my friend Wooje was promoting hate speech.  He was simply giving insights as an anesthetist doctor on what he was finding in his research on vaccines.  A proper debate cannot happen if the other side is banned from presenting.

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There is a very common argument put out there that if children aren’t vaccinated, they put others at risk.   Well, let’s look at the logic of that reasoning.  This premise assumes that the unvaccinated are more at risk to contract a sickness (ie. flu).   Okay, even though that is a dubious statement, for fun, let’s go with that for a second.  It is then assumed that if the unvaccinated are more at risk to get sick, this puts others at risk.  Okay, lets go with that.  Are not the vaccinated protected from getting sick?  Then if they are protected how are they at risk?  They would only be at risk if you feel that your vaccination didn’t work.  If your vaccination doesn’t work, then why are you getting vaccinated?  If your vaccination doesn’t work, why are you expecting me to vaccinate?  It either works or it doesn’t, either way the unvaccinated have no impact on the vaccinated.  Its an illogical concept.

In addition, I mentioned Harvard trained immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych Ph.D.  She also states, “People who have not received the vaccines mentioned below pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have,”

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So do you see it?  The incessant push for everyone to be vaccinated not only infringes on human rights, it goes against the Nuremberg Code, the science doesn’t support this and it is simply ILLOGICAL!!.   If you vaccinate, your concern about the unvaccinated is misdirected, your real concern should be the vaccines themselves.

Well, I went into more detail than I was planning on the battle for truth and the powers behind this push to vaccinate, but it had to be discussed.  Let’s get back to why it should be a major red flag that Vaccine makers cannot be sued.

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Would you eat a restaurant is there was a big sign out front that said, “Just so you know, if our food causes you to get sick, we have legal immunity from the courts because the government has made legislation that we cannot be sued.”  I think most marketing experts would probably say this would not be an advisable advertising strategy.  I highly doubt you would eat at that restaurant.  I wouldn’t.  Would you buy a car, food in a grocery store, a toy at Walmart, or even a coffee at Timmies if they had this same sign on the front window?  Probably not.

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Let’s unpack this idea.  Many people view lawyers and more specifically personal injury lawyers as opportunistic sharks looking to fill their pockets.  Of course, there is some truth to that and most personal injury lawyers would not deny an element of that.   But what most people don’t realize, the fear of being sued actually make our society a safer place.  So in a sense, personal injury lawyers are actually an essential part of a society that seeks to protect its people.

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If you go to any large construction site in Canada, there are very stringent safety rules in place to make sure workers are not hurt on the job and they go home in the same condition as when they arrived.  Are large construction owners just really nice people solely motivated by protecting their workers?  Well, I won’t say that there aren’t good ones who genuinely care, but I think if we want to get real here, their main concern is having the Ministry of Labour (MOL) come to their jobsites to shut them down.  If a severe injury occurs, that is what happens.  Then there are the severe fines, the higher level of scrutiny on their operations and the stats that are affected which need to be good for safety compliance.  Basically if the penalties are severe enough, things are kept safe.   It essentially comes down to a cost/benefit analysis.  It may seem cold, but that is the way it works.  When an auto company sends out a recall, they do a cost/benefit analysis.  The cost of doing the recall vs the cost of the lawsuits.  The HuffPost reported a story about GM doing a cost/benefit analysis,

“The executives at GM knew for 13 years that their cars had a defective ignition switch that would, well, kill people. But they did a “cost-benefit analysis” and concluded that paying off the deceased’s relatives was going to be cheaper than having to install a $10 part per car. They then covered up their findings and continued to let millions drive around with the defective part in their cars. There would be no recalls. There would only be parents and the decapitated body parts of their dead children. ”

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You might say, “what GM did was a pretty rare event.”  Not so, Big Pharma has done the same thing on countless occasions.  Richard Enos writes,

One example of this is with the painkiller Vioxx, which by some estimates led to 60,000 deaths, and for which Merck had to pay out almost $5 billion to settle 27,000 lawsuits. Merck emails from 1999 showed that company execs sought to intimidate doctors who disliked using Vioxx.”

So, now that vaccine makers cannot be sued.  What is the cost to them if someone sustains an injury from their vaccine?  none.   GM decided not to do the recall even though they could be sued.  What motivation do vaccine makers have to make things safe? not much. What motivation do they have to take mercury out of the flu vaccine? none.  What motivation do they have to properly test their vaccines? None.  Well, I may be going too far in saying none.  I guess these vaccines have to be safe enough so that people don’t die on the spot when they get it.  The damage has to be controlled somewhat otherwise the public outrage would shut things down completely.  They seem to have found a level of minimal safety so there aren’t riots and the money chain keeps rolling.  I guess they have learned from history.

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In 1885 there was a major rally in Leicester England of over 80,000 people protesting their mandatory vaccination policy of small pox.  Dr. Humphries stated in an interview in the documentary, “the Truth about Vaccines”,

“They had a 95 percent infant vaccination rate and had some of the worst epidemics in history in that city.  And so people were outraged because of mandatory vaccination had been instituted.  People were being arrested and their belongings confiscated. Horrible….there was a big rally with over 80,000 people that showed up.  I mean these people were angry.  Their kids were getting really messed up from this vaccine and it wasn’t working…it was a lose-lose for them…they stopped vaccinating…instead, whenever somebody had smallpox they had people that were already immune tend to the person, and they sanitized everything in their midst and kept them isolated.  And that turned out to be actually the best way to deal with small pox in those communities.”

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This method became popularly known as the Leicester Method to handling pandemics.  It actually sounds a lot like what we are doing right now with Covid-19.  Dr. Wakefield, in the documentary “the Truth about Vaccines” says the eradication of smallpox was due to this type of Leicester Method rather than the common proclamation that this success is attributed to vaccines.

Ty Bollinger went on to say, “they won their freedom of choice…that vaccination rate went from 95 percent to only 5 percent…death rates drastically decreased after they implemented quarantine and isolation.”

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Hey Brent, that might have been in 1885, vaccines have come a long way since then.  We don’t see those types of vaccine problems anymore.  Are you sure about that?  Robert F Kennedy Jr. reports some fairly recent events exposing Bill Gates’ vaccine program in India,

Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate Polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India.”

Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination

Image result for free pics bill gates polioOR Image result for free pics bill gates polio

Bill Gates claims to have eradicated polio in India, only to create a non-polio virus which paralyzed 490,000 children.  Did anyone hear about this on the mainstream media?  490,000 children getting paralyzed.  Gates and his vaccine policies kicked out of India.  This should be headline news.  Some of you are probably saying Robert F Kennedy Jr. must be some sort of conspiracy theorist with some axe to grind with Bill Gates.  Well, I don’t know if there is some sort of personal battle going on here, but from what I have seen, Robert F Kennedy Jr. is about as solid as they come.  He has documents backing up his every accusation.  His reasoning is sound.  He has access to information that the average person doesn’t or doesn’t know where to find.  Remember his uncle was JFK, a former president of the US.  His dad, Robert (Bobby) Kennedy was a former US Attorney General.  The Kennedy family, sometimes referred to as American royalty, has a history of challenging the darker powers of this world.  Many think this determination to challenge resulted in JFK and RFK getting assassinated.

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But Brent, Bill Gates also has fought for third world sanitation.  Yes, I watched a Netflix documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain” showing Bill’s determination to develop special toilets which are affordable and self-maintaining to be used to improve sanitation in Third World countries.   I went away from this episode thinking Bill Gates is a great guy using his great brain to solve big problems.  Conversely, what I have seen in his vaccine practice, he doesn’t seem so nice.  He should be commended for his sanitation efforts, but Robert F Kennedy accuses Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccines is “steering WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development….his personal philosophy that good health only comes in a syringe.”

Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination

Image result for free pics syringe health

I expect the vaccine battle to heat up with Covid-19 and the exchanges between Bill and Bobby Jr. to heat up as well as they seem to be the leaders on each side.

Stay with me for one last point.  We need to consider the importance of the rule of law.  What is the rule of law and why is it important?  The Burma Legal council states,

“Rule of law essentially guarantees equality of all individuals in society on the basis of the principle that every person is equal before the law. In societies where the rule of law is exercised, people have the opportunity to seek equal protection whenever any rights violations occur.”

Image result for free pics rule of lawImage result for free pics the purge

Imagine if there were no police, and no courts.  We have seen movies about this.  The movie “The Purge” is a futurist fictional story where an annual national holiday is proclaimed in which for a 12 hr period any crime of any kind is legal with no future ramifications.  Yes its essentially a horror movie and quite disturbing to watch.  You quickly develop a deep respect for the need of laws to protect us.  It is well known in countries around the world where there is a lack of respect for the rule of law, corruption abounds.  I won’t list the countries, as I’m sure we can all list countries with high corruption.

I think you see where I am going with this.   Vaccine makers are above the law because they are outside of the rule of law.  They can do most anything they want with their vaccines.  What has history shown us about this type of power.   Lord Acton keenly stated,

“All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.”

Image result for free pics lord acton power corruptsImage result for free pics lord acton despotic power

The success of any democracy is directly related to the checks and balances a society develops to resist power and corruption.  Western society is built on this.  We have given vaccine makers this legal immunity and we are trusting them to protect us.  History has shown this simply doesn’t work.  You may have heard of the Fable of the Scorpion and the Frog,

“A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog then agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature.”

Image result for free pics scorpion frogImage result for free pics scorpion frog

Human nature is too predictable, and giving vaccine makers complete protection from being sued creates corruption, and that is what we see when you uncover the rocks.  You and I are not their priority, their priority is the almighty dollar.

So, have you absorbed this information?  Have you grasped why not being able to sue vaccine makers is such a major problem?  This reason on its own should be a perfect justification to avoid vaccines.  Change the legislation and I guarantee you vaccines will become more safe.  The testing will get ramped up.  They might even become what they are claimed to be, SAFE.  And those Vaccine makers that continue to make unsafe vaccines will be sued some much that they will go out of business, and the only the good vaccine makers will remain.  Seems like a win-win to me.

If you wouldn’t eat at a restaurant with legal immunity, why would you allow vaccine makers who have legal immunity to vaccinate your kids?  Take a serious minute think about that.

Please comment, I really want to understand this logic.

That’s it for this one.



Do people want to know the Truth? Its Kinda foggy so open up the debate

Hello all, yes my dedication to blogging has not been good for many years.  It seems it takes a crisis to get me motivated to do the work and get back at it.  Before it was my friend dying of cancer, and now its Covid-19.  In my defense, I’ve been busy coaching my kids in hockey, baseball, and basketball.  It takes up alot of time especially when you get drawn in to joining the baseball board and then become president of the board and my wife becomes the Registrar.  Even though its been busy, its been fun.  I’m sure when I’m older I’ll look back fondly on these days.

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On another note, like Rodney Dangerfield, I went back to school and got myself a diploma in Civil Engineering at age 47.  Yes, it had its tough moments, including spending 50hrs in 1 week on an AutoCad assignment including an all nighter.  I was actually proud of myself that I was able to keep up with all the young bucks and finished with a 93.7% overall average.  Not bad for an older guy and I guess I still have some juice left.  I do need to acknowledge that I achieved this success by hanging out with smart, motivated and helpful people, so in essence it was a team effort.  For anyone in school, I highly recommend surrounding yourself with these types of people if you want to do well.  This is really a life principle–we is better than me.  Well enough about me.

That’s why you haven’t heard from me for a while.

But now, I’M BAAACK!!  Yes in the middle of a month long Covid-19 lockdown.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and watching videos.  I’ve been digging into a lot of different topics.  A strange thing has really hit me recently.   Do people really want to know the truth? I am starting to doubt this desire in most people.

My motivation to start this Truthbreakdown blog was to delve into topics I felt had the Truth getting squeezed out of them.  I also assumed that most people at heart want to know the truth and that most people believe that “the truth will set you free”.   The death of a friend of mine from cancer, moved me to immerse myself into alternative cancer therapy research.  When discussing this info, I started to see that many people don’t want to hear about alternative cancer therapies, they want maintain their current faith in conventional medicine and leave the debate there.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Don’t you want to hear about other options? Especially since cancer is eating people up in conventional medicine”.  “Don’t you want know the dangers of conventional therapies?”  “Don’t you want to look into other therapies with high success rates?”  Some want to know, but many don’t.  They would rather stay in the mindset of,  “This is what I know and I’m good with that”.  We as human beings don’t want to change very easily.  Its the “comfort zone” mentality.  For me, I have trouble understanding that.  Sure we all have our own biases, but I want to know the truth.  Show me the facts and keep the propaganda, number twisting, coverups, sensationalism, emotionalism, and the insults out of the equation.

Image result for closed minded free imagesImage result for brain fog free picturesImage result for brain fog free pictures

To find truth, you have to let your guard down a little and be willing to have your world rocked.  It may feel like a kick in the teeth especially if it goes against everything you have ever been taught or known.  I have felt this feeling on many occasions and on many topics.  At the same time, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you know, you just have to open things up a smige and keep it open.  But from what I’ve seen, most people don’t want to open things up a smige.  You can give them the facts coming up the ying yang, and it seems to make no difference, like they’re in a fog.  For example, I just listened to a video of Robert F Kennedy Jr. and Robert De Niro discussing Thimerosal use in vaccines offering $100,000 for a study that sufficiently proved it was safe after giving a litany of facts on the issue.  I’ll tell you Robert F Kennedy Jr. is about as sound as they come, but the guy interviewing him was not getting it, he was in a fog of his pre-conceived ideas.  To me, the interviewer didn’t want to know the truth or maybe the facts were drowned out by the voices in his head “this guy is a quack, the whole world disagrees with this”.  You know what, I get it.  If the whole world is shouting in an opposite direction of what is being said, how can you even consider this information?  The doctors, the medical schools, the FDA, the WHO, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the directors of Health in most major countries, and major politicians.  I get it, its huge.  But if you get rid of all the hoopla, and go where the facts lead, then that’s where you got to go, no matter who is pushing in the opposite direction.  That’s what a truth seeker must do.  I know it seems cocky, but its really not, its actually courage to go against the grain and stand firm like an oak tree on a riverbank against the river.

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And why can’t we just have a civil debate on issues, even if they cause emotions to fire up?  What I see almost across the board on a variety of issues is the fear of debate.  On many hot topic issues, I find it hard to locate good debates on YouTube.  I’m not naïve that emotions are part of the equation and sometimes people resort to insults and the debate is shutdown.  I also understand the fear of emotions.  In the search for truth, emotions create fog and when there is not mutual respect shown, debate loses its value.  But the fear of debate is causing  real problems in our society and our world.  Opinions are more polarized than ever and this is creating great tension which I fear will become explosive at some point.  Many feel they haven’t had a voice in what is happening around them and this is causing frustration.  Also, pushing issues under the carpet does not get rid of  problems, it only infects them.  I think of Theo Fleury, NHL hockey player, who was sexually abused by a coach in his teenage years.  You would think that accomplishing his dream of becoming a professional hockey player and the big money would make him happy and forget about his past abuse.  What did we see?  Theo became increasingly tormented and he started to act erratically and abusive to the point that his career had to be halted.  It was only when he squarely looked at his pain and talked about it, that he began to heal.

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We need more talk.  We need more debate.   On TV, on YouTube, on Facebook, in classrooms, in school assemblies, in public forums, on university & college campuses, and in our homes.  Its actually very concerning that YouTube, Facebook, Google and others are censoring debate by removing individuals and posts that don’t fit their vaccination model.  Most do not realize the healing power of debate and simply talking to each other.

This brings to mind a movie I recently watched during my Covid-19 lockdown.   The movie is “The Best of Enemies”.  It is a true story of an African American civil rights activist, Ann Atwater, who faces off against the Exalted Cyclops (local leader) of the Klu Klux Klan, C.P Ellis.  It was a fight about school integration after an African American school had a fire which required the students to integrate with a school of “white” students.  A decision was made, to ease the tension, to have a “charette” to discuss the issues.  A charette is set of collaborative sessions in which a group comes together to discuss issues in order to come up with a solution to a problem.  Basically, it is highly organized debate.  What makes it work are strict rules of respect, a high emphasis on keeping things fair to both sides throughout the process and an open and honest sharing of ideas.   For instance, Ann Attwater and C.P. Ellis co-chaired the process.  Yes, an African American who had received severe discrimination, and a KKK leader who from birth was taught to believe in segregation, had to come together to create a fair environment of debate and resolution.  What happened?  Sorry to blow the plot if you haven’t seen the movie, but many of the people came together.   A defining moment came when Ann Atwater, without C.P’s knowledge, helped C.P’s son with down syndrome to be moved to another room to get away from a roommate who was causing his son great emotional distress.  C.P. tried to move his son, but the institution would not allow it.  Ann found out about this, and used a connection she had with a nurse in the home to get C.P’s son moved to another room.  When C.P. found out about this, it rocked his world.  Why would my enemy do this? The story concluded with C.P. changing his worldview on segregation and he voted for school integration, he gave up his membership with the KKK, and he became life long friends with Ann and the African American community in the area.  What a message on what can happen if you respect and even show love to your enemies.  The greater message is, what can happen when we talk and debate.  The result was good, but yes there were tense times in the movie and compromise was necessary on both sides.  In short, it was tough work requiring patience from both sides, but it worked and brought healing.

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When I search a topic, I want to hear the best arguments from both sides.  I search for debates with the best, smartest, and most informed leaders on both sides.  I don’t hide the fact that I have personal biases.  I also recognize that on many of the controversial hot topics, there is usually a side in the power position.  This means they have more money, more power, more resources to promote their views, and the current rules are in their favour.  I have found those in the power position don’t want debate, why would they? They like the status quo.  They don’t want to shake things up.  Questions need to be asked.   I ask, “who is paying for this study and are there conflicts of interest?”  I ask “what is motivating this person to say what they are saying?”  I ask “is there a fair debate taking place, and if not why?”  I ask, “who is squashing debate and why?”  Actually, one of my pet peeves is watching debates, documentaries, and news reports where the combatants are clearly “unequally yoked”.  One side has the PHDs and the leaders in the field and the other side has the moms.  Nothing against moms but it is clearly an unfair fight.  Show me the best, most knowledgeable, and solid leaders on both sides, and then let it rip.  In defense of moms, you don’t want to mess with a mama-bear’s cubs.  They will come out fighting and remain resolute to the end, especially when you try to hurt the cubs.   I feel my strength here and why I write these blogs is my focus.  My wife sometimes calls me “Spock”, referring to the unemotional and logical Vulcan from the Star Trek series.  I don’t get too emotional and I don’t get bored with too many facts.  This may be an issue in my relationships (I’m trying to be better here), but I feel it is an advantage when researching hot topics.  It keeps the fog out.  Well, you can judge for yourself.

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So where am I am going with all this? Well, with all this Covid-19 craziness, we are told that the only way we are going to get back to normal is the development of a Covid-19 vaccine.  Its our Holy Grail which will solve this whole mess we’re in.  Its our Superman coming to save the day.  Is it?  Have vaccines saved the day in the past?  Are vaccine makers our heros or clever entrepreneurs?  Are people all over the world going to be forced to take this vaccine?  Looks like the biggest lottery ticket ever–develop a vaccine that everyone has to take, you can’t be sued, less cost for testing due to it being rushed through, support from the highest levels of government, and a population gripped by fear.  As Robert F. Kennedy, says “a great business plan, but not a great health plan”.  If you add to the fact that big Pharma’s profits are decreasing with their regular drugs, but the vaccination profits are rockin’.   Legal immunity due to the Vaccine Act is really paying dividends, literally. (We will look at this more in depth in my next post)

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I realize questioning vaccine safety and efficacy may seem as foreign to many people’s paradigms as walking on Mars (I was there), but I am asking you to open your mind a smig, minimize the emotional fog, and lets take a ride through the maze of the vaccination debate.  Some of the greatest philosophers have maintained the value of critical thinking. As Jordan Shapiro writes,

“Critical thinking is painful. Plato equated it with walking out of a dark cave and staring directly into a bright light. That’s what it feels like when you’re willing to question your most sacred beliefs no matter how much it hurts. It’s a kind of masochistic intellectual flagellation. Sounds horrible, but Plato promised it was worth it.

I’ll try to minimize the jabs unless I feel it is absolutely necessary.  My philosophy is, when a debater uses insults it shows a weakness of the facts and a resort to the art of misdirection.   I’m going to chunk it step by step, point by point, and I hope we can be friends when this is all over.  Leave a comment, be nice, and let me know your thoughts.  As CNN host Chris Cuomo says, “Let’s get at it”

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The Fluoride Flaw

Hello all, its been a while since my last post.  I guess I just needed some time to recharge my intellectual batteries enough to get passionate about an issue.  What has instigated this passion is my research on the topic of water fluoridation and the sinister & coercive issues surrounding it.  Having spent a lot of time investigating the causes of cancer, I have  to spend some time discussing  Fluoride.

Water Fluoridation follow the same path as many other truthbreakdowns in our society such as Vaccinations, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, and most Big Pharma drugs.  Here are some commonalities:

  1. It is generally thought and promoted that these activities are normal, well-tested, and fully substantiated methods to create health or destroy disease.  When researched in depth, these activities are actually the reverse and this comes as a great shock to the researcher (as it did to me)
  2. These activities are promoted, supported, and utilized by the highest levels of government.
  3. These activities are pushed and almost forced on the majority of the human population under the guise of health for humanity.
  4. Billions (not millions) of $$$ are made off of these activities mainly through securing governmental support and contracts for mass distribution
  5. Big Pharma & Government fight tooth and nail to make sure these activities continue.  Why? A) $$$$$  B) Legal liability.  Imagine the class action lawsuits that would occur if the courts of public opinion & the courtrooms ruled that Water Fluoridation, Vaccinations, Chemotherapy, etc… all caused great harm to those it was given to.  Remember Asbestos and Tobacco? Yes they were once supported by doctors and government.
  6. Big Business has manipulated the facts and squashed the true facts through their control in government and their big $$ to fight in the courts.
  7. Labels those with oppositional scientific views as quackery or fringe wackos.
  8. Influence Medical School curriculum, FDA investigations, and scientific studies to produce the results and conclusions which support continued money making.
  9. Ignore & Squash competing alternative therapies which are successful, natural, way cheaper and far less collateral damage.  In short they monopolize their product even if it causes great harm and/or even kills people.
  10. Ignore & Squash doctors and other medical practitioners who have good success with alternative therapies.  Why? Eliminate the competition, especially the ones with great success with a far cheaper, non-patented protocol.
  11. Setup a system where alternative therapies have too many hoops & too much cost to gain scientific acceptance.  Big Pharma and Big Government have the funds and influence to get their methods instituted.

If you have read this list and are probably thinking that I am one of those conspiracy theorists and that our western culture is far too advanced and ethical to allow such treachery.  Think again.  I realize it may come as a shock, but get used to it.  Greed has a way of making humans do less than kind things.  It is especially hard for Big Pharma to stop when they get a taste of the Big $$$, like a vampire’s compulsion when they get a taste of blood.  As well Government has gone too far to admit guilt due to the potential legal implications.

Having visited numerous schools as a supply teacher over the past 15 years, I have seen the huge lists in the staff rooms of all the children with allergies, behavioral  disorders, ADHD, OCD, autism, auto-immune disease, cancer, and the list goes on.  My son’s friend jokingly yet frankly stated, “Ya almost all the kids in my school have some sort of disorder”.  The bottom line is, we are poisoning our population and most importantly poisoning our kids.

Putting Fluoride, though touted as the great savior of tooth decay,  in our water is simply unethical and dangerous.  Anyone with knowledge of Grade 11 chemistry will know that Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine are all in the same family of elements in the Periodic Table known as the Halogens.  You will also know that Fluorine is similar to and resembles Iodine in our body as they are both in the same family of elements.  The difference is Fluorine is much more reactive than Iodine, and when its ion Fluoride enters our body, it displaces Iodine by attaching to receptors designed for Iodine.  You might say, “So what”.  Well, when one studies the importance of Iodine to our body, one will find that Iodine is one of the most significant elements in human biochemistry.   When Fluoride displaces Iodine in our body, critical processes become disrupted especially in the thyroid gland and our immune system.  Basically Fluoride disrupts human biochemistry at a cellular level.  Read more detail on this from Dr. Sircus.

Iodine Protects Against Fluoride Toxicity

You might say, “Come on, its well established that Fluoride fights tooth decay and it isn’t harmful to our body.  They wouldn’t put Fluoride in the water if it was unhealthy.”  Well, if this is what you think you need to read up on the history of Water Fluoridation and the health effects of Fluoride.  Check out non-chemo survivor of cancer, Chris Wark’s blog on the history of Water Fluoridation.

Fluoride: How A Toxic Poison Ended Up In Our Water Supply

For further reading on the health effects of Fluoride check out Dr. Mercola

Haven’t tooth decay rates declined in communities which use water Fluoridation? Yes, BUT tooth decay rates have declined at the same rate in NON-Fluoridated communities.   Is the rate decline due to Fluoridation or just generally better oral hygiene?  The answer is obvious.  Check out the graph on declining tooth decay rates.

GRAPHIC: Tooth Decay Trends in Fluoridated vs. Non-Fluoridated Countries (WHO data)

Fluoride is not needed in your body and Iodine is, its as simple as that.

Spread the word and stop water fluoridation in your community.  While your on that note have a look a water Chlorination.  Chlorine is also a halogen element with sinister effects, but lets save this for another day.